Does your child need help in reading, writing, organization or study skills?
I am a NY State certified Teacher and Reading Specialist, and an experienced tutor in Nassau County and Manhattan.

I employ progressive as well as traditional teaching techniques to make learning meaningful for all students. Because each child learns differently, I work to find each student’s specific strengths and interests and create a customized program to help meet his or her needs.

I specialize in improving skills in:

  • • reading comprehension
  • • reading words (decoding)
  • • vocabulary development
  • • spelling
  • • grammar
  • • writing (including planning, drafting, editing and revising)
  • • note-taking and organization
  • • language arts test preparation

These vital skills can help your child excel in all subject areas.
Creative projects and games are combined with the teaching and reinforcing of skills. Our lessons will be challenging, yet engaging, so that your child has fun while he or she learns!
Students with Dyslexia and other reading disabilities are welcome, as are English Language Learners.

Low-Cost Guided Reading Summer Book Clubs

Your child can continue his or her classroom reading instruction through a small group book club.
Enable your child to sharpen his or her reading skills this summer instead of falling behind!
Through Guided Reading sessions, a teacher introduces high-quality literature to a small group of readers. The text is selected based on students’ reading levels, and is designed to support your child’s development of reading strategies. The teacher models strategies and guides students as they practice them, gradually releasing the responsibility to the children. Students learn independence as they read under the teacher’s watchful eye, and eventually master these reading strategies to help them read and comprehend texts at higher levels.

$40 per session per student

“I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand”

– Chinese Proverb